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Leadership Camp
The Rotary Club of New York with funds from the NYRF sponsors and supports a leadership camp for high school youths. We send kids to this weekend camp to sharpen and support their leadership skills. Our members serve as facilitators, too. Student Mentoring: Though our vocations day, Rotary Club of New York invite students to meet with a mentor of their choice to discuss a vocation that is of interest to the student. Speech Contests: Rotary supports individual student development with our annual speech contest. The topic is about Rotary values and must include an element of Rotary’s Four Way Test.

School Assembly Programs
Sometimes it is most cost effective to deliver programs to the schools and we do this with our program. Our last speaker was Theodore Roosevelt, actually a TR Repriser, who looks- like, dresses-like and sounds-like our 26th President of the US. He delivers history about the events of his presidency while mesmerizes the audience, youth and adult alike. Scholarships: 10 High School Scholarships per year plus a Columbia University High School Summer scholarship for a high school student from one of our partner schools.

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