Gift of Life Foundation

Gift of life provides life saving open heart surgery to children from countries where such care is unavailable.

Minimum raised by 2.5 runners will repair
a child’s heart.

Without care provided by this Rotary based program, the children would most likely not live to adulthood. It also trains surgeons in their own countries to develop sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery centers.

GOL is deeply appreciative of the efforts of the following New York City area hospitals and their medical staffs: Montefiore, Westchester Medical, New York University, St. Francis, and Stony Brook Medical Centers; and Schneider Children's Hospital.

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The photo was taken by a NY Volunteer in Uganda in 2009 and the children pictured are happy and healthy beneficiaries of GOL heart surgery

Edgar, a child from Moscow, Russia, recovering in the hospital after life saving heart surgery thanks to a Gift of Life from the Rotary Club of New York’s foundation. (on left) Edgar and his mother, Elena, celebrating Edgar’s 12th Birthday at the Ronald McDonald House during his convalesces.

Edgar, Elena and Rotarians who support Edgar and Elena, during pre-opt, post opt and recovering. (Edgar is doing great, today.)

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